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You are most welcome in the Pueraria. Here's a chance to make many changes in your life and fulfill your wishes. We assure you that the Pueraria is a platform where you can get a good health, wealth and prosperity for your life. So become an approved customer & distributor to start your own business.

Eligibility to become a Distributor

  • Persons who age 18 years and above they can apply to be a Distributor of this company
  • Husbands and wife can not have their own individual conservatism in the same group.
  • The application must be sponsored by a pre-existing Distributor.
  • Distributor & Consumer ID is not transferable under any circumstances.
  • The company reserves the right to accept or reject an application.


I/We here by verify that I/We have requested the above mentioned change in respect my/ our distributorship and agree to remain bound by the Pueraria Ayurveda Distributorship agreement as amended from time. I/We understand that the information change will be effective only after receipt of this form and supporting documents by Pueraria Ayurveda .

Any amount payable to the distributor as Commission / Bonus, and any other payment by the company is inclusive of all taxes, by whatever name called, including GST, Income Tax, and other taxes. These taxes are payable by the distributor as and when they are required to be paid as per prevailing laws.


  • Pueraria Ayurveda Private Limited. Reserves the right to accept or reject any application without assigning any reason.
  • Each applicant should be at least 18 years of age at the time of application, to become a Pueraria Distributor.
  • By signing this form, the Distributor acknowledges that he/she has thoroughly read and complies with the terms and condition mentioned in the Company's BUSINESS PLAN.
  • Company management have the right to change the business plan.
  • Husband and wife, de serious of becoming Distributors have to be sponsored under a single membership. If the spouse is already a Distributor, then the other must join as a part of the same business membership.
  • The Distributor who joins the Company must do Business of at least 251 BV (Products only) within 30 days of joining for his/her ID to be valid. If the same is not done, the ID of the Distributor will be treated as invalid after the 30 day period
  • Signing of this form in no way makes you an employee or agent of the Company.
  • This form is an application and an agreement to appoint an individual as a self-employed Distributor for the sale of Pueraria products.
  • Return the goods if finds any manufacturing defect or the product purchased is not useful for the purpose it was meant, within 7 days from the date of purchase. (b) Goods once sold after 7 day cannot be taken exchanged.
  • In case of Distributor's death his/her business is transferable to his/her Spouse or Nominee.
  • The Distributor ID will be inactivate if the Distributor don’t purchase the product of 1000BV for 6th Months. It will be reactivate whenever the Distributor will purchase the product of 1500BV.
  • The Distributor-ship was terminated if the Distributor was not direct involvement of the Company last two years conduct any business relationship and any defaulter activity or object the standard policies of Company
  • In the above cases the Distributor will be required to put forth his/her claims within one month of the date of the above happenings, thereafter no claim will be entertained. The claims will be settled as per Company's Policy
  • The limitation period of claiming any amount due to the Distributor by Pueraria Ayurveda shall be 3 years. No claims after a period of 3 years from the due date shall be entertained by pueraria
  • A Distributor who does not adhere to these rules can be suspended, pending inquiry or terminated from the membership, or cancelled the distributor ID.
  • The Registration is non-transferable and non -refundable.
  • Incase of any dispute, default or complaint, Company's decision will be final.
  • Demand Draft should be in favour of Pueraria Ayurveda Private Limited, payable at Kolkata. Cheque are not acceptable.
  • Administrative charges of 1% will be deducted from the Distributor income.
  • A sum of one percentage of Distributors Income will be deducted and transferred to welfare fund created for the welfare of the distributors.
  • Minimum purchase of 250 BV every month (To get the monthly voucher).
  • If your monthly incentive is below Rs 500/-, then we will issue a product voucher against your Commission amount.
  • All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of Kolkata, India.